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The offices of Akron Area Oral, Maxillofacial & Facial
Surgery Center provide a full range of Oral and Maxillofacial
services for patients seeking specialty dental care. For over
15 years, our professional and dedicated staff has provided
our patients the Highest level of care.

We coordinate your care with the most qualified dentists and
Physicians in the community which ensures the highest quality
of comprehensive care.

Welcome to Akron’s leading and reputed oral and dental care centre. Serving Akron and surrounding areas for nearly two decades, we provide complete array of oral surgery and dental care services ranging from tooth implants to cosmetic surgery.

Treating Dental Discomfort
We work with a team of highly qualified and experience dental implant dentists. Our tooth implant dentists not only focus on enhancing the look, but also on eliminating dental issues that cause discomfort and hinder functionality of jaw and teeth. Moreover, our oral care center is especially known for maxillofacial service. Our maxillofacial surgeons have performed a wide number of successful surgeries to treat minor to major irregularities.

Renewing Your Smile
From lip enhancements to jaw surgery, Akron based cosmetic surgeons at our office can enhance your look and improve your smile. Our cosmetic dentists not only boast professional experience and qualification, they are also blessed with an acute aesthetic sense. We use safe procedures and sophisticated technology to eliminate all kinds of risks involved in the treatment.

Performing wonders like magicians, our cosmetic dentists, and oral surgeons are here to offer you a new reason to smile!

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